Current Projects

Central Avenue Youth Empowerment Council (CAYEC)



Direct response to our teen-age youths’ overexposure to violence, alcohol and other drugs, educational apathy, high rates of unemployment and/or underemployment, teen pregnancy and HIV infection.

CAYEC prepares youth for transition into adulthood by providing them with mentors who provide guidance, model supportive and responsible behavior, listen and share their life stories, and offer fun and exciting learning experiences through a variety of workshops, cultural trips and retreats, college visits, leadership training through service projects. 



Current Projects


Community Mobilizing for Change






Environmental Strategies for Preventing Underage Drinking.

This intervention involves activating the citizenry of communities to achieve changes in local public policies and changes in the practices of major community institutions. Administering new policies on youth usage, holding liquor merchants accountable, and decreasing underage drinking among school-age teens.



Parents Who Host –Lose the Most:











“A Practical Guide to Preventing and Dispersing Underage Drinking at Parties”

Parents Who Host, Lose the Most is a public awareness campaign that educates parents about the health and safety risks of serving alcohol at teen house parties and increases awareness of and compliance with underage drinking laws.



Life Skills Training – Evidence Based interactive, skills-based program

The program helps adolescents navigate the challenges of high school years and prepares them for the independence and responsibility they will face as young adults.  The program strengthens abilities in personal self-management, general social skills and drug resistance skills.

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